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Crown Moulding and coffered ceilings

With endless profiles available, crown moulding is timeless and adds character to any space. Wood crown moulding will cost you almost half the price of plaster crown, and if it's installed properly, it can last for ages. Design options for crown moulding includes coffered ceilings, multi-step crown, or standard crown.

Coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings date back to Ancient Greece and Rome, where they were used to reduce the weight of stone ceilings. They were aesthetically pleasing and thus continue to be seen in the modern day. In a new home, the coffers (the boxes) can be framed out with the drywall being installed after, and the crown being installed at the end. If coffers are to be stained, they must be made completely out of stain grade wood. Coffers can have multiple levels and incredibly elaborate designs. Head to Pinterest for more inspiration. 


Simple Coffers

Elaborate Coffers


Stained Coffers

Multi Step Crown.JPG


Base or Casing

Multi step crown moulding

Crown moulding only comes in certain heights. To achieve a bigger profile, one must be creative. Options to making the crown look bigger include using casing or baseboard as bases and then installing the crown right on top.

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