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You seem expensive, can I afford you?

The answer is yes. Our pricing is the middle - low end of the spectrum and price negotiations can always take place. As quality work can come at a price, we try to emphasize cost effectiveness as much as we can. We will work with your budget and offer you the best deal we can. 

How do you handle design changes and change orders?

Most of the time during a project, the design will change in a small or a big way. Sometimes it does not effect the cost of the job, therefore no cost is charged to you. If anything is changed, we will discuss as a team what we need to do and will submit to you a response. There should never be surprises for additional costs at the end of a project. You will know exactly what the costs are prior to them being done always.  

Do you charge by the hour, lump sum, or base plus time and materials?

Every project is different. For trim packages, a cost plus fixed fee contract is usually used. That is, a fixed fee is charged for the overall job, and any other approved costs are charged as extras. For millwork projects, fixed price contracts are usually used and include labour and materials.


Do you paint your millwork?

Yes, but it is an extra cost and is handled by a professional painter.  

Do you know any good suppliers? 

Yes we do - see a list of them here. Our advice is to choose the one that is closest to you. We hold accounts in all of the listed suppliers and can get materials at discounted prices. 

Will you be working on other projects at the same time as my job?

Our operations may sometimes include multiple projects. Regardless, we place the same amount of detail and care to all of our projects.

Are you insured?

Yes - ask for our WSIB and liability insurance 

Can I trust you?

Trust is earned. See our reviews, ask for a referral and ask to see our work at first hand. It's easy for us to say yes, but let us show you instead. 

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