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Doors & Interior trim

Dekorwood Carpentry specializes in the installation of doors and interior trim. From pocket doors to swing doors, we install them all.


The basic trim of a home is comprised of the interior doors, along with their jamb, casing, back band, and door stop; the baseboard along with the shoe; as well as the trim that goes around the windows. 

Interior Doors

Being one of the critical factors to the privacy of a home, interior doors come in various sizes and styles. The styles of doors can be deduced from the look you're aiming for. Generally, door styles are generally divided among 4 different styles: contemporary, raised panel, french, and shaker panel.

Interior French Doors.jpg


Contemporary Door.jpg


Raise Panel Door.jpg

Raised Panel

Shaker Door.jpg

Shaker Panel

Pocket doors & barn doors

Rather than swinging outwards or inwards, pocket and barn doors slide either into the wall or on the wall respectively. For effective noise cancellation, pocket doors are ideal as barn door have almost no noise cancellation. For both doors, installation is much more expensive. Additional hardware will be required which also brings up the cost. 


Pocket Door

Barn Door.webp

Barn Door

door jamb, Casing & door stop

For a door to be installed, it will need a jamb. Custom doors must have all jambs made for them. Jambs are usually made out of polar, but can be made from MDF to achieve savings. The casing is the moulding that goes right up the edge of the jamb. Backband can be install on the casing to give it a glandular look. The doorstop is installed at the end and is what helps keep the door in its place. 

Back band


Interior Door Swing.jpg

Door stop

Door Jamb

Baseboard & shoe mould

At the end of every trim job is always the baseboard and shoe mould. The base goes tight to the bottom of the door casings. Shoe mould is then installed at the bottom fo the baseboard to either finish the look or hide imperfections.


Base and Shoe.jpg

Shoe Mould

Window trim

Like doors, windows have casing and back band (if wanted) around it. The casing can go all around the window (picture frame) or it can stop on a stool below. The window stool will have an apron under it for support. 



Window Trim.jpg


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