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Wall Panels

This will probably be everyone's favourite section. Through timeless design, wall panels add value to any home, that is, if the painting is well done. Wall panels can be in the form of wainscoting and high panels, and the application can be through applied moulding or true panel.


Wainscoting is a form of panel work that generally comes up to 36 inches off the ground. These panels can take any form such as raised panel (most expensive), shaker panel (least expensive), shiplap (tongue and groove), and many more. The options are many, but the style does depend on the overall design of the home. 


Standard Wainscoting


SHiplap Wainscoting


Raised Panel 





High Wall Panels

To add on to the wainscoting, panels came be constructed right above. Conversely, panels can also be made from the floor up with no wainscoting below it. The various styles of high panels are relatively the same to those of wainscoting, except for the shiplap (unless one desires it of course). High panels are most commonly seen on the stair walls, but can be seen anywhere else. 


High Panels with wainscoting

Staircase high panels

High Panels with No wainscoting

Feature walls

In terms of wall panels, feature walls are the most trending. They're affordable in the sense that only one or two walls are panelled. The design are endless. A quick skim through Pinterest will show you the endless possibilities for feature walls. Feature walls are best place in entry foyers, bedroom back walls, and dining rooms. 


Applied moulding feature wall


Entry foyer "true panel" feature wall


One important distinction must be made when thinking of wall panels. Panels can either be with a MDF backing "true panels" or the mouldings and stiles can be applied directly to the drywall. The difference is in how the paint finish will look (and the cost). With true panels, the finish will look smooth as paint has been applied to lumber. With applied, the paint finish of the inside of the panel will look like all other walls. 

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