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our mission

We're here to execute the vision of home builders and home owners through effective project management and excellent craft. 

Our story

We've always been obsessed with perfection.

A long time ago - well, in 2014 to be exact - a father and son teamed up to exercise passion in an industry where craft is said to be dying. By striving towards perfection Dekorwood was formed and project management and carpentry were combined. 

Finish Carpentry is one of the final steps in the construction process and one of the finishing touches that helps a home start looking and feeling like a home. Some may see it as simple, but it is a highly visible deliverable that requires a great level of detail so to achieve the optimal aesthetic.


Dekorwood specializes in residential finish carpentry, providing services to the Greater Toronto Area and all other surrounding areas. We also offer our service to those in commercial construction searching for such talent.

With over 20+ years of experience we understand that the construction process can be challenging and costly. Therefore, Dekorwood brings a self-managed team possessing exceptional and professional qualities to get the job done.

At dekorwood we Bring 3 principles to every project


By combining years of carpentry experience and project management fundamentals, Dekorwood is able to deliver the type of expertise, quality and efficiency that is deserved.


Dekorwood oversees a cohesive crew that works hard to meet every customer's needs. We understand the hard work that is put into projects and value all individuals that we oversee and that work around us. 


We treat every project with professionalism and work hard towards achieving high standards. We hold ourselves accountable and stay true to our commitments. Guaranteed.  

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